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The information we collect when visiting our site or using our apps is used to improve our products. We collect anonymous data about things such as your internet browser or device type/iOS version, but do not in any way tie it to any personal information such as your name, email address, or physical mailing address.

You agree that in order to provide services to you which you have requested including relevant content and advertising, and to track and award virtual rewards, we may exchange information that we collect from you with third parties who help us perform these tasks and provide these products and services including information about your device systems, application software and periphials, and the country setting on the device. This does NOT include UDID (unique device identifier), MAC address, or OpenUDID information.

Smart Design sprl does not store personal information, unless it is voluntarily provided through our mailing list or online contests. Smart Design sprl does not sell, exchange or make available to third parties, the email addresses, telephone numbers or mailing addresses of customers.

We respect your online and device time and privacy, and are committed to maintain and use this information responsibly.

If you have questions about our policy, feel free to email us.

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